About the Coalition

Download a 1-pager on the Coalition with details of sponsor
and membership categoriesCoalition4PACENJ – 051816.

The goal of the Coalition is to represent the broad range of stakeholders who will most benefit from a robust PACE industry in NJ, including the following:

  • PACE program administrators
  • property owners
  • energy services contractors
  • local governments
  • project developers and originators
  • financial institutions
  • architects, engineers and construction companies
  • real estate developers
  • equipment manufacturers
  • industry associations
  • community organizations
  • schools, hospitals, and universities
  • public and private foundations focused on clean energy and resiliency
    — amongst others (not to mention, as well, the general public).

By investing in energy conservation, renewables, and resiliency in our communities, we support the growth of NJ’s nascent green economy, create good, well-paying local jobs, reduce carbon pollution, and build stronger neighborhoods.

So if you fit any of the categories listed above, please join the Coalition and contact us about the ways you can help.

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