Introducing the Coalition for PACE in New Jersey

About the Coalition

The goal of the Coalition is to get effective PACE legislation signed into law in New Jersey. The Coalition represents a broad range of stakeholders who will most benefit from a robust and trusted PACE industry in NJ, including the following:

  • PACE program administrators
  • property owners
  • energy services contractors
  • local governments
  • project developers and originators
  • financial institutions
  • architects, engineers and construction companies
  • industry and professional associations
  • real estate developers
  • equipment manufacturers
  • community organizations
  • schools, hospitals, and universities
  • public and private foundations focused on clean energy and resiliency
    — amongst others (not to mention, as well, the general public).

Please join the Coalition and contact us about the ways you can help.


Don Sico, a government relations expert whose clients have included: Solar Alliance, MSEIA, PSEG, NRG Energy, MCFA, Bluewater Wind, and NJPACE, will lead the Coalition, along with a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee.

If you are a Sustaining Member or a Patron (who has contributed, financially, to the Coalition), you are eligible to be on the Steering Committee. Contact us if you would like to be on the Steering Committee.

Here’s a replay of the December 15 webinar on the future of PACE in New Jersey.

> If you participated in the webinar, please read our follow-up invitation here.


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